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Mama as a young girl







Legacy Family Photos pre year 2000


Legacy Family Photos various

Uncle Russie's Photos

Diving Board August 13th, 2010

Sharon's House April 10th, 2010

Pops Mountainside Hospital January 2010

Pops Mountainside Hospital April 21 - 2009

Alfonso's Christening June 1, 2008

Elizabeth's Visit February 25th, 2006

The Rock Worlds End 2004

Connor's Uber Birthday 07132003

Connor and Morgan Green Belt Test

Connor at the American Museum of Natural History 02212002

New Jersey State Acquarium with the Pittfields 02182002

Easter March 31, 2002

Christmas 2002 at Rich and Dorothy's and Mom's house

Sterling Hill Mining Museum Mine Tour 11112000 Bob, Connor Keith

Camping World's End September 2000

Tyler jumping off The Rock World's End 2000

Christmas 2000

Boating Adventures Bob and Sharon LBI around 1985

Jamie jumping off The Rock World's End 1998

Costa Linda Aruba

Mama as a young girl


Jamie - Elf - Disco

Jamie - Elf - Classic

Jamie - Elf - Charleston

Jamie - Elf - Country

Jamie - Elves - Singing

Jamie - Elves - Surfing

Star Wars 1 - Starring Grandpa as Luke Skywalker

Star Wars 2 - Starring Uncle Ricky as Obi-Wan Kenobi

Star Wars 3 - Guess Who Darth Vader Is?

Grandpa Walks into the Kitchen August 2004

The Pittfields as Singing Elves 2010

The Pittfields as Surfing Elves 2010

The Pittfields as Disco Elves 2010

The Pittfields as Charleston Elves 2010


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